Mike D Laing


My name is Mike, I am a fashion editorial and advertising photographer based in Manchester.

I have been a photographer for 11 years, working with some fantastic brands and companies creating creative and striking imagery. I have had the pleasure of working with some of these brands for several years and have very much enjoyed being part of their evolution and continued growth.

Throughout my career as a photographer, I have worked on a broad range of photographic projects. From still life catalogues to online fast fashion e-commerce sites. This undeniably has shaped the way that I shoot today, combining the pursuit of perfection with the need for efficiency in bringing imagery and products to market. I now work with fashion brands on a range of marketing materials, visualising the brands identity through photography.

I have always been passionate about image making, and fell in love with the magic of photography in college when introduced to the dark room. It’s hard to believe these days that once upon a time you were restricted to 12 shots on a medium format camera and had to wait for the lab to process the images before you could see them. As much as I am nostalgic about the film process and love the tones that you get from film, I am far more excited about the digital process and the possibilities this offers.